Matthew Patterson - A software engineer in Chicago


  • Senior Software Engineer at GitHub
  • Former Engineering Manager at Braintree
  • Experienced with Ruby, PHP, and other languages
  • B.S.B.A. in Accounting from the University of Central Florida
  • Hobbies include fitness, travel, hiking, bouldering, studying acting and improv

Work Experience Top

  • GitHub 2017 to present
    Senior Software Engineer
    • Doing awesome work on payments and billing; watch this space!
    • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Docker
  • Braintree Payments 2014 to 2017
    Engineering Manager, Technical Lead
    • Engineering Manager for disputes engineering team; notable accomplishments include:
      • Integrations with Australian, European acquiring banks to provide dispute management to merchants in those regions
      • API for dispute management
      • Extracted dispute data, functionality from a Rails monolith to an independent service
      • Upgraded integrations with existing acquiring banks
    • Managed 8 software engineers of all experience levels
    • Worked with product management to define a roadmap to deliver merchant and technical value simultaneously
    • Provided feedback, coaching, and mentoring for engineers
    • Organized an internal, multi-office conference for Braintree and Venmo product teams
    • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Puppet, Terraform, Docker, AWS
  • 2012 to 2014
    Scrum Master, Team Lead, Software Developer
    • Lead a team of 9 developers and software testers
    • Implemented multiple payment platforms and ensured security of PCI cardholder data
    • Developed double-entry ledger for revenue reporting
    • Developed rules-based cancellation and refund system
    • Added internationalization and multi-currency support
    • Implemented Jenkins for continues integration
    • Technologies: PHP, Symfony, Doctrine, MySQL, JavaScript, ActiveMQ
  • Florida Department of Transportation 2010 to 2012
    Operations Accountant
    • Supervised 6 employees in revenue recovery program
    • Prepared monthly reconciliations of deposit accounts
    • Performed quality assurance on monthly traffic and revenue reports

Volunteer Experience Top

  • Florida Collegiate Pride Coalition 2011 to 2013
    Executive Director, Board of Directors Chairperson
    • Wrote the organization's bylaws and numerous amendments to them
    • Supervised all operations and activities of the organization
    • Maintained all of the organization's financial, membership, and corporate records
    • Served on the Board of Directors, including in leadership positions
  • Orlando 2018 - Bid to Bring the Gay Games to Orlando 2012 to 2013
    Director of Technology
    • Served on the Board of Directors for the Orlando bid committee
    • Created the Information Systems Plan portion of the Orlando bid book
    • Set up, configured, and maintained Amazon EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache
    • Implemented Drupal content management system

Projects Top

My open source projects:

  • dashboard My attempt at a heads-up display for my home
  • dotfile My dotfiles for Vim, Tmux, Zsh, etc.
  • howard Ruby library for interacting with the CTA Train Tracker API
  • You're looking at it

Cool projects that I have contributed to:

  • Finance::Quote Perl module for getting stock and mutual fund quotes
  • Scientist Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths
  • ruby-trello Ruby library for interacting with the Trello API
  • wicked_pdf Ruby library for generating PDF files from HTML